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This documentation is no longer maintained and may contain obsolete information.

The Domain option enables you to navigate through the Functional Domains that have been created in the Analysis Service with CAST Enlighten. Selecting a Domain in the Domain Browser will display more detailed information in the main window.

Functional Domains are entities stored in the Analysis Service that enable you to group together objects of a similar functional use in one "domain". For example, you may have several Java projects stored in the Analysis Service. If, for example, you create a Functional Domain called "Java Classes" and associate all the Java classes from all the projects in the Knowledge Base you will then be able to see, at a glance, ALL the Java classes under the "Java Classes" domain.

Domain Browser

The left hand Domain Browser displays the list of Functional Domains that are stored in your Knowledge Base:

Selecting an item will:

  • Expand the item to display any sub items (for example in the case of a folder, this will display any Domains that were saved in this folder).
  • Display Information / Objects for the selected Domain.

Domain Information

The Domain Information section displays information about the domain selected in the Domain Browser:

Information provided:

  • Object name > Name of the domain as saved in CAST Enlighten
  • Object full name > Location of domain
  • Object type > displayed as Functional Domain
  • Creation date > Date the item was created in the Knowledge Base

Note that a message stating Code Viewing is not available for this object type will be displayed if you are viewing an item that is not an object - in this case a Domain.

Domain Objects

This section displays a list of the objects included in the Domain. Selecting an object will jump to the Object Browser page for the selected object:

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