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This documentation is no longer maintained and may contain obsolete information.


These pages are designed to display data via a fixed layout. This means the lists are designed to display a finite number of items: generally, the first X most interesting items. Less interesting items will be filtered out of the lists - therefore you may not see ALL the information as with the traditional Legacy investigation pages. Therefore, for best display results, CAST recommends grouping Applications within Systems in groups of ~5, and to split Applications into ~5 Modules.

These fixed layout pages are designed to highlight the "Critical Violations" or "Critical Rules" (that is, the Quality Rule-based metrics with the "critical contribution" option set). If your CAST Engineering Dashboard has been migrated from a previous CAST version that did not have these pages, the Quality Rule-based metrics weight and options are not overridden to preserve the existing behavior as much as possible.


  • For best display results, it is advised to review the Assessment Model and set some "critical contribution" options
  • If these recommendations cannot be followed (on account of a legacy organization, for instance), please remember you can use Legacy investigation pages that are designed to accommodate cases where the "critical contribution" option has been set.

Lastly, please note the specific display of:

  • Snapshot name, version and date in the page (all three are automatically generated by the CAST Management Studio but can be overridden if necessary).

Each fixed layout view is described in detail in each child page listed above.

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