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The following limitations are current:

  • If the object you are modifying is not already managed by the CAST metamodel (e.g. where the object = 1 for an SQL table), then the KeyClass will be 0. The result of this is that the object will not be visible in CAST Enlighten.
  • Please note that if you attempt to add a file as a new object, the column ObjFilRef is not updated when the assistant is run. The impact of this is in CAST Enlighten, which will attempt to retrieve the contents of a file (Code Viewer etc.) using the ObjFilRef and RefPath columns.
  • If you are using an Analysis Service hosted on a Microsoft SQL Server, make sure you remember to include a use <KB_name> in your data insertion script.
  • It is not possible to add properties to a link
  • It is not possible to create an Escalated link via the Update Knowledge Base Tool
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