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This Admin Guide aims to provide Power Users and CAST Administrators with a detailed explanation and instruction manual for the Update CAST Knowledge Base Tool (located in the CAST Management Studio).

Note that using the Update CAST Knowledge Base Tool requires in-depth knowledge of the CAST Analysis Service and SQL. This tool will modify the data and results stored in the CAST Analysis Service and, as such, should not be attempted by standard users.

How is this manual organized?

This Admin Guide is organized into the following sections:

  • Brief overview of the Update CAST Knowledge Base Tool – what does it do and what can it be used for?
  • A description of the entry tables that need to be injected with information prior to running the assistant
  • How to use the assistant in specific scenarios – for example adding/removing an object, or adding a parent type link (Belongs To)
  • A description of how errors are handled
  • A description of any limitations that are currently in force

Where to find more information

IMPORTANT: please review any readme.txt files and Release Notes before using any CAST products to ensure that you are up-to-date with any revisions or changes that may have occurred after production release.

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