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This documentation is no longer maintained and may contain obsolete information. You should instead refer to Application onboarding.


Following the qualification of your application you should now understand which technologies are involved, which you need to analyze and which are supported by CAST AIP (you can check Covered Technologies for more information about this).

CAST AIP has support for multiple technologies "out of the box" through analyzers embedded in AIP (Mainframe, SQL, SAP ABAP etc.) and analyzers delivered as extensions with AIP (JEE and .NET for example) - for these technologies you do not need to do anything since the technology support is already present in CAST AIP. Other technologies (such as AngularJS or Objective-C are supported through dedicated extensions that must be downloaded and installed in CAST AIP as a separate task.

Downloading the extension

Before you can install a CAST AIP Extension with your CAST AIP schemas, you first need to download it. CAST provides the automatic download of extensions over the internet via a tool called the CAST Extension Downloader. Please follow Download an extension which explains how to use the CAST Extension Downloader to obtain the extensions you need.

Installing the extension

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