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Working with sub-objects and external objects

If you are dragging and dropping identification, types and categories from the Types & Properties panel (in Free definition - Right hand panel) to create your selection criteria in a Set, by default, the CAST Transaction Configuration Center will use the basic All objects matching criterion. This will match all objects with any of the criteria you are using.

With regard to sub-objects and external objects, the default behaviour is as follows:

Sub-objects Sub-objects of the matched objects are NOT included:

If you want to include sub-objects:

Modify existing criteria in a set

  • Right click the All objects matching text in the Set
  • Choose Properties in the contextual menu
  • Tick the Include sub-objects option:

  • Click OK to complete the operation.

New empty set

  • Right click the empty layer or set
  • Choose Add selection criteria in the contextual menu
  • Untick the Include sub-objects option as above
  • Click OK to complete the operation.


Either operation above will result in a criterion that includes sub-objects:

External objects External objects are ALWAYS included.

Depending on the combination of options you choose, the Set will change colour as follows (note the background colour and the yellow/grey circular icon in the top left of the criterion):

Default Set: sub-objects not included, external objects included  
Sub-objects included, external objects included  

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