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Transaction Configuration node - Right hand panel

The Transaction Configuration node displays two pieces of information:

Left hand list
On the left, it lists the specific configuration rules (or sets) created in the Entry Points, Data Entities, End points, Excluded Items - Right hand panel subnodes for source code objects that have already been analyzed and are present in the Analysis Service schema. These sets can be created manually or can be automatically loaded via the standard configuration files (see below). It also enables you to Generate sets for each of the subnodes using the four buttons.
Right hand Rules by Package

On the right, the Rules by Package section will display a table containing the list of packages (predefined standard configuration files (.TCCSetup) containing common rule (i.e. sets) configurations for specific technologies) currently installed in the application, together with their version and the number of rules (i.e. sets) that are defined by each package (classified by "Active" and "Inactive"). Each package row will contain two buttons, "activate all" and "deactivate all":

  • "Activate all" button will set all the rules of the corresponding package to ACTIVE
  • "Deactivate all" button will set all the rules of the corresponding package to INACTIVE

- A user-defined package ("custom") will display version "N/A" (not applicable) because this is a special package that is not versioned.

- The number of rules per package does not take into the generic sets; it considers entry points, data entities, end points and excluded items.
This section will only be visible for the applications, not for the Templates.

See Working with standard configuration files (.TCCSetup) for more detailed information about this.

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