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System node - Right hand panel

The System node is displayed when you have successfully connected to the CAST Management Service and you have at least one System in the CAST Management Studio:

The right hand panel displays:

  • All the Applications present in the System or Systems (if any - a System can still be displayed even if it has no child Applications)
  • If a connection is open to the CAST Analysis or Dashboard Service, the button Close connection / Close dashboard service connection will be visible allowing you to close the connection should you need to. Note that when a connection status is "opened", unless a modification is made (for example adding a new data function, or creating a free definition set), then the Close connection / Close dashboard service connection button will be visible. The button will become invisible when a modification is made - a connection cannot be closed if unsaved changes remain.
  • When the fields Data functions and Transactions are displaying "not loaded", this indicates that the CAST Transaction Configuration Center has not yet fetched the most recent data from the CAST Management Service. To do so, see the AFP Calibration node for more information.
  • See Compute for more details about the button.

See Application node for more information about the child node.

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