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Modify existing sets

It is possible to modify existing sets in both the System node and Templates node (except for sets in the Built-in parameters node).

System node

When modifying existing sets in the System node, there is no impact on any other node. You will, however, need to generate the set to ensure that it is correctly working and then use the Compute option to display the new results.

Template node

If you modify an existing set in the Template node, please bear the following points in mind:

  • Modifications (including set deletion) will not be passed to the equivalent set in any Systems/Applications displayed in the CAST Transaction Configuration Center
  • If you delete ALL sets in the By Type node when working in the Templates node, and then close and re-launch the CAST Transaction Configuration Center, all deleted sets will be re-displayed in the Templates node. Deleting only some of the sets, and then closing and re-launching the CAST Transaction Configuration Center will NOT cause all sets to be redisplayed.

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