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Log node

The Log node lists messages and errors that may occur when the CAST Transaction Configuration Center is in use:

The messages in the Log node window are also recorded in a log file on disk:

  • the file will be named "TCC-<date>-<time>.log.txt", where <date> is of the form "YYYYMMDD", and <time> of the form "HHMMSS"
  • the file will by default be located in %ALLUSERSPROFILE%/CAST/CAST/Logs/TCC, or in a folder named TCC in the location specified by the CAST_LOG_ROOT_PATH if that variable has been defined and activated in the CastGlobalSettings.ini file.

The following headings are displayed in the Log node window:

Record type Displays the type of message:
  • Message > General information: does not indicate a problem.
  • Error > This is usually a functional error.
  • Exception > This is usually an SQL error. For example the target RDBMS may not be functioning correctly or may be offline.
  • Report > This type of message relates to information about the execution of "larger" features such as Compute.
Message Describes the message.

You can also use the Filter icon to sort and filter the messages according to their content:

  • Choose the filter type in the drop down list
  • Choose whether the criteria will be applied using case sensitive text or not.
  • Enter the filter text.

Only messages that match the chosen criteria will be displayed.

Date Date and time the message was generated.

You can also use the options to filter and clear the messages:

Show all This option will list all messages, regardless of their type.
Show reports only This option will only list Reports.
Show errors only This option will list only Errors and Exceptions
Clear log Use this option to clear the list of messages.

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