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Change the Computed Type

By default, CAST will use internal algorithms to define how the Function Point size of a specific object is computed. The method of computing the Function Points size is determined by which category the object falls into:

  • Data Function type objects > EIF (External Interface Files), ILF (Internal Logical File).

Note that by default the CAST Transaction Configuration Center will consider all Data Functions as EIF, unless the Data Function is linked by Update/Delete/Insert/Write links, in which case it will be considered as ILF. You can override this setting at global level for ALL Applictions, or at Application level. Please see Compute for more information.

  • Transactional Function type objects > EI (External Inputs), EO (External Outputs), EQ (External Inquiries) - or a mix of the above (e.g.: EO_EQ).

You will see how CAST computed each individual object in the Data Functions/Transactional Functions nodes (part of the AFP Calibration node - Right hand panel), under the Computed type column:

If you want to change the category of a specific object:

  1. Move to the AFP Calibration node - Right hand panel to begin calibration
  2. Choose either the Data Functions or Transactional Functions sub node
  3. Click the blank field under the New type column:

  4. Select the type you require - this type will now appear in the New type column and the Status column will contain a * to indicate that a modification has been made (see Data Functions/Transactional Functions nodes for more information about the column headings).
  5. Click File > Save (or the button located on the Toolbar). This will save the new value in the CAST Analysis Service.
  6. Next time you use the Calibrate option or generate a snapshot in the CAST Management Studio, the new value will be used and the Function Point size of the object may change as a result.

Note that when a data function's type is changed from EIF to ILF or from ILF to EIF the data function will be considered as changed. However, this change is not reflected in the Total EFP value in the Enhancement node because data functions are not included in any values in this node. The legacy CAST Engineering Dashboard, will however, report this change in the FRAME_PORTAL_EFP_VIEW - Size - Evolution view:

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