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The main aim of the CAST Transaction Configuration Center is to allow you to calibrate objects with regard to their Function Point size - in other words, you can choose how an object is interpreted by the CAST algorithm and thus how its Function Point size is derived (or you can manually set a Function Point size for an object), instead of having to use the default CAST configuration, which may not always be appropriate.

This section provides information about how you can do this using the CAST Transaction Configuration Center. In order to calibrate objects you need to already have objects in the AFP Calibration node - Right hand panel - to achieve this you need to:

This section lists typical calibration scenarios:

CAST recommends that you save any changes you have made in the AFP Calibration views for Data Functions and Transactional Functions of every Application for which function points are about to be computed using the File > Save menu option or the Save button on the Toolbar in order to avoid losing the changes if you run a Compute action.

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