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Upgrade Installation

This option enables you to:

  • You should read the CAST Upgrade Guide available on BEFORE you use this option!
  • The Upgrade Status heading in the Server Browser must contain Upgrades Available for the combined installation or the standalone CAST AIP schema before you can use this option.
  • You can also use the button located on the toolbar or the right click shortcut menu to access the option.
  • When upgrading items in a CAST Storage Service (CSS) environment, the update process will drop any custom objects you may have created that directly or indirectly use any default Analysis/Dashboard/Management Service objects. As such, if you need to retain these custom objects, please ensure that your backup is up-to-date before applying the update.
  • When upgrading an existing out-of-date combined installation (i.e. a triplet of CAST AIP schemas) a check will be performed to ensure that an upgrade is possible. The following is checked - if any of these checks fail, an upgrade is not possible:
    • That the "source" version can be upgraded
    • That a version.xml file exists at the root of the Delivery folder configured for the combined installation
    • That at least one Application exists in the combined installation
Upgrade an existing out-of-date combined installation
  • Select the combined installation you want to upgrade in the left hand panel inn the Combined Installation (Out-of-date) node.
  • Select Database/Schema Installation > Upgrade Installation from the menu bar.
  • After a check is performed to ensure that an upgrade is possible, the following screen will be displayed listing all the extensions that have already been downloaded and installed (where applicable). Extensions that have been installed are those with a version number in the Version column:

  • You now need to choose the Version of the Extension you would like to upgrade/install. To do so use the drop down list in the Version column:


- extensions shipped with CAST AIP and not already installed will be pre-selected for installation and it will not be possible to change this - any previously installed extensions will not be automatically selected for upgrade, even if a more recent version of an extension is shipped with the new release of AIP or has been downloaded to the workstation manually. To benefit from latest improvements and bug fixing in the most recent extension version, you need to explicitly select the new release of the extension for upgrade
- if you see the <all users dir> option this indicates that custom legacy Universal Analyzer language packs exist in <CAST_ALL_USERS_PATH> and will be installed as part of the upgrade process (see also related note in Preparing for upgrade).

  • Any additional extensions that your selected extension requires (i.e. Dependencies) will also be selected for upgrade/installation automatically:

  • Once all required extensions have been selected for installation/upgrade, click the Next button to continue.
  • The wizard Assessment Model Upgrade Options is then displayed. You will be asked to choose an option with regard to the handling of the Assessment Model during the upgrade - note that no option will be pre-selected so you MUST choose an option that meets your needs (see Preparing for upgrade in the CAST Upgrade Guide ( for an explanation of the available options):

  • Click Next to continue after having chosen an option.
  • Accept the warning and summary dialog boxes and let the upgrade proceed:

  • On completion, the Combined Installation is now displayed as up-to-date in the Combined Installation (Up-to-date) node:


- The above upgrade process will retain your existing CAST AIP global license key for use with the new release of CAST AIP.

Upgrade any existing out-of-date standalone CAST AIP schema
  1. Select the standalone schema you want to upgrade in the left hand panel.
  2. Select Database/Schema Installation > Upgrade Installation from the menu bar.
  3. An initial warning dialog box will first be displayed explaining that you should make sure that you have read any relevant Release Notes and/or Migration Guides and backed up your database/schema prior to continuing - this warning is not displayed when upgrading a combined installation:
  4. A dialog box displaying a summary of the proposed upgrade will then be displayed:
  5. Click Proceed to start the component update.
  6. A dialog box will inform you of update progress:
  7. When all previous operations have been successfully completed, the Server Browser will display the upgraded components next to your selected CAST AIP schema in the "Installed Product" heading. The Upgrade Status heading will also now contain Up To Date:

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