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Oracle Home Selector dialog box

The Oracle Home Selector dialog box is displayed when more than one Oracle Home has been detected on your machine by CAST Products. This can happen when you are using any CAST Product and can prove problematic if you are extensively using the command line to launch processes (the dialog box will be launched, halting the process).

When the dialog box is launched, select which Oracle Home you want to use with the process you are attempting to carry out - select the Oracle Home you require (will be highlighted in blue) and click OK.

Two selection boxes underneath the list of available Oracle Homes enable you to stop this dialog box from being launched by selecting either a selected home or the default home.

Defining an Oracle Home when using the Command Line

When using any of the CAST Products' modules via the Command Line (in batch mode), the Oracle Home Selector dialog box will be displayed if you have more than one Oracle Home on your client machine and you have not defined a default Oracle Home.

This can be problematic because the Command Line process will be stopped in order that an Oracle Home is selected.

To stop the Oracle Home Selector dialog box from being displayed during a Command Line process, it is necessary to specify the ORACLEHOME value in the Command Line as follows:

either by defining the Oracle folder's path:


or by using the default value

  • -ORAHOME=default

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