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Messages and Errors tab

Tools > Options > Messages & Errors

This tab enables you to configure various options for the errors and messages that are saved to an external file. These messages are also displayed in the Log Window.

Main Log File Name

Log root directory This field displays the folder in which the application specific log file will be stored - by default this is set to use the location defined in the CAST_LOG_ROOT_PATH variable in the CastGlobalSettings.ini file. By default this is set to: %PROGRAMDATA%\CAST\CAST\Logs\ with logs stored in a specific SERVMAN sub folder.

If you change this location, please make sure that the target directory already exists. If it does not, the application will save a temporary .TXT log file to %PROGRAMDATA%\CAST\CAST\Logs\Servman.

Log main file name This field displays the name of the log file. By default, this will be Servman-YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS.log.txt. You can choose a different file name should you require - click the Browse button and a standard Windows Open dialog box will be displayed enabling you to choose the new file.

This log file will contain information in the same formatted style as displayed in the Log Window.

Log Options

Truncate file When checked, this command empties the log file when the product is executed.
Include debug information Select this option to include verbose debug information.


  • This tab configures the settings for the .txt file. Log information is also displayed in the Log Window - see Log Window for more information.
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