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  • CAST Server Manager enables you to install the CAST server-side components (Analysis Service, Dashboard Service, Management Service and Measurement Service) on your chosen server (please refer to the Release Notes for more information about supported server versions and connectivity layers).
  • You therefore need to connect to the server on which you want to install the components using a login name and password that have sufficient permissions to carry out an installation (see User privileges and server requirements for server-side installation for more information about this).
  • Connections to the server are defined in Connection Profiles, enabling you to create any number of different connection configurations (specifying servers, usernames and passwords) to a variety of different servers (if for example your organization wants to install several different Knowledge Base (Locals) on several different servers). Connection is simply a matter of selecting and opening a valid Profile.
  • When a connection to a server has been established, CAST Server Manager will scan the server defined in the selected Connection Profile and display the names of any databases/schemas that already contain CAST server side components, whether from this current version, or from previous versions. Please see the How To section for further information.
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