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Component Uninstall

This option enables you to:

  • Uninstall (i.e. delete) a combined installation (i.e. a triplet of CAST AIP schemas) in one go
  • Uninstall (i.e. delete) any standalone CAST AIP schema individually

To access the option:

  1. Select the CAST AIP combined installation/standalone schema you want to uninstall.
  2. Select Database/Schema Installation > Component Uninstall from the menu bar.
  3. A dialog box displaying a summary of the proposed operation will then be displayed:

  4. Ensure you really want to do this as the selected CAST AIP schema(s) will be deleted and all data will be lost.
  5. Click Proceed to start the component uninstall process.

  6. Once completed, the CAST AIP schema will no longer be displayed in the Server Browser and will not exist on the server.

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