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Component Reinstall

This option enables you to reinstall any server-side components already installed on the selected database/schema. The components will be reinstalled with the current versions of the components provided in the current release of CAST Server Manager. Note this option is only available if the Upgrade Status heading in the Server Browser contains Up To Date.


  • This option is only available for standalone CAST AIP schemas that are Up To Date and available under the Measurement Services and Unmanaged Services nodes - i.e. it is not available for Combined Installations.
  • This option is in fact a type of "refresh" operation for the selected server-side components - however, please note that this reinstall is only partial: some parts of the components you select will not be reinstalled.
  • If you are experiencing severe problems, you may need to carry out a fresh install of the server-side components instead of using this reinstall option. In this case, please contact CAST for more detailed advice - particularly if you have critical data stored in the CAST AIP schemas.
  • When re-installing in a CAST Storage Service (CSS) environment, the re-install process will drop any custom objects you may have created that directly or indirectly use any default Analysis/Dashboard/Management Service objects. As such, if you need to retain these custom objects, please ensure that your backup is up-to-date before carrying out the re-install.
  • You can also use the button located on the toolbar or the right click shortcut menu to access the option.

To access the option:

  1. Select the CAST AIP database/schema you want to work with.
  2. Select Database/Schema Installation > Component Reinstall from the menu bar.
  3. A dialog box displaying a summary of the proposed operation will then be displayed:

  4. Click Proceed to start the component reinstall process.
  5. A dialog box will inform you of the reinstall progress:
  6. When all previous operations have been successfully completed, the Server Browser will display the reinstalled components next to your selected database/schema in the "Installed Product" heading.
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