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CAST AIP 8.3.21 contains all fixes from the following previous CAST AIP releases:

  • 7.3.0 - 7.3.11
  • 8.0.0 - 8.0.5
  • 8.1.0 - 8.1.7
  • 8.2.0 - 8.2.16
  • 8.3.0 - 8.3.20

The following table lists all bugs fixed in CAST AIP 8.3.21 and that are not already listed in the "Resolved Issues" lists of the above mentioned releases. There are 14 issues listed below. The column "Internal ID" is used only as an internal reference ID.

Ticket IDSituationSymptomsInternal ID
16341,22067In DMT, while packaging Eclipse based source code and enabling the exclusion rule "Exclude Eclipse project located inside the output folder of another Eclipse project".DMT will unexpectedly exclude projects which do not match the exclusion rule.AIPCORE-20
17599While selecting the links in section 'Reference', on Rules Doc site.On Rules Doc site, links in section "Reference" are broken for rule "Avoid catching an exception of type Exception, RuntimeException, or Throwable".AIPCORE-45
18329While viewing Source code for database objects in the Engineering Dashboard.Source code is not visible because the SQL file is too big.AIPCORE-1810
20031While saving the changes in CAST-MS, when the pointer/curser is outside the text box.
Unable to save changes in CAST-MS until pointer is outside the text box.

CAST-MS was closing without any Pop-up, due to which the user would
 miss to notice that the changes were not saved in CAST-MS.
20774While accepting the version in CAST MS, after having delivered a version with AIC Portal in CLI.Accepting the delivery fails with an error "The program Version Report has not ended correctly" when a version is delivered through Source code automation Script.AIPCORE-1357
21338While comparing the .src file generated by the extractor and .ddl generated by a Database Management Tool.Inconsistencies observed between the two files, which suggests only a display issue in the .src files.AIPCORE-1650
21543When looking at the results of the rule "Never truncate data in MOVE statements - 7688".False positive violations of the rule are seen.MAINFRAME-386
21545While editing simulated grade in Action Plan Optimizer (APO)Not able to calculate simulated grade in Action Plan Optimizer (APO).AIPCORE-1671
21583While entering the path to the CAST AIP installation folder.
The CASTUpgrade_Config.txt file has a incorrect setting for the CAST_HOME Variable.
(As per the documentation the variable should not end with back slash)
21604While generating the report for, 'Top rules with highest improvement opportunity' in the dashboard.Report generation fails in Dashboard, showing corrupt data in the database.AIPCORE-1691
21663When setting a delivery as the current version in the CAST Management Studio.The following error is displayed: "value too long for type character varying(255)" for the column "compilationconstants" in CMS_NET_Project table in management schema.AIPCORE-1710
21698When trying to validate or ignore a link using Dynamic Link Manager in CAST-MS.An error is thrown (SQL Error: ERROR: relation ""fusacc" " does not exist) but this error is not displayed in the Dynamic Link Manager task dialog box. The error is only visible in the log.AIPCORE-1720
21894In DMT, after running packaging, delivery and set as current version for a project that includes WSDL files.

Two analysis units are created in the CAST Management Studio referring to the same WSDL file.AIPCORE-1752
22051When the APO (Action Plan Optimizer) is launched. (And a module is accessed, the issue is observed).Mismatch in 'Original Grade' and 'Simulated Grade' column values.AIPCORE-1850
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