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Snapshot management requires preparation through investigation of the existing organization. Take a specific care of looking for versioning information and source code production date.
It also requires frequent recovery points of the Analysis Service to allow re-composition.
Recommendations are:

  • Labels of Snapshots do not impact the results but they can improve readability and understanding of information restitution. E.g.: to visually identify a change in the Application Intelligence Platform that can explain assessments gaps for the same source code. Keep the default value otherwise.
  • Version information does not impact the results but it can improve readability and understanding of information restitution. It is worth investigating the existence of build processes to get valuable version management information (such as the build number)
  • For synchronous / simultaneous display in Trend graphs and Quick Access page of Applications whose source code is supposed to have been produced on the same date, please use the Capture Date capability to "reconcile" Snapshots computed on different dates: using the real source code production date will cause the Applications history to match on the same date.
  • Keep Capture Date Input Time to its default value (00:00) if not to serve the identified use cases (cf. Capture Date value setting - particular cases).


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