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Report Header Tags

Each Report must have a description which explains how the application should use and handle the result. This description is contained in the header:

  • A valid Comment Header begins with #CwDocTag# and has a level tag. For example: /*#CwDocTag#;Lev:=0*/
  • Each tag is separated by ;


The following is a list of tags and their syntax used for Headers

Title:=Param1 Used to set the level title
Param1 (String) - level title (if you use text mode, use Title:=Param1, Param2 to add a value in title, Param2 (numeric) = column number)
LinkSource:=Param1,Param2,Param3 Used to create a HyperLink
Param1 (String) - Additional text
Param2 (Numeric) - Column number used to create the HyperLink value
Param3 (Numeric)(optional) - Column number which the HyperLink applies to, if missing applies to the same column.


  • If you want to use more than one hyperlink use the | (pipe) character for new hyperlink.

    For example: LinkSource:=Param1,Param2,Param3|Param1,Param2,Param3|...

LinkTarget:=Param1,Param2,Param3 Used to create a Flag
Param1 (String) - Additional text
Param2 (Numeric) - Column number used to create the Flag value
Param3 (Numeric)(optional) - Column number which the Flag applies to, if missing applies to the same column.


  • If you want to create more than one flag use the | (pipe) character for new flag.

    For example: LinkTarget:=Param1,Param2,Param3|Param1,Param2,Param3|...

%%IdtCol:=Param1,Param2,... Used to reference a column in the upper level query.
Param1,... (Numeric)(Max = 9) - Column number of the upper level query result


  • In order to use several parameters, please use the following syntax:

    %%IdtCol1, %%IdtCol2 etc...

    This variable can be of any type.

Type:=Param1 Used to set the display type of result set 
Param1=Text or Array (Default=Array) - Sets the type of return
Separator:=Param Used to create Separator line in report
Param (Numeric) - Size of separator
Hide:=Param1,Param2,... Used to Hide column in report
Param (Numeric) - Used to hide column number in query result 
FreeCol:=Param1,Param2... Used to specify a uncomputed column (result will be written in file without analysis)
Param (Numeric) - Column number
GrpColumn:=Param,Param1,Param2,... Used to group column values in one field
Param (Numeric) - Column to group
Param1,Param2 (Numeric) - List of columns to be used as a group key


  • You need to order your recordset in your query

    This tag is not compatible with a lower level which references a column of the lines that are to be re-grouped.

ResultSet:=Param Used to specify which resultset in current query will be used to create an HTML Report.
Param (Numeric) -ResultSet number (for example Insert statement returns an empty result set)


  • If missing, then the first ResultSet will be used.

Fnc:=FunctionName,Col1,Col2... Used for Client Internal Function with its result set in Col1 
FunctionName (String) - Name of the function (see Functions Names and Definitions, below)
Col1,Col2,... (Numeric) - Column number to use


  • If parameters are incorrect, Col1 will keep its value.

HideNoResult:=Param This option will hide all results if the results contain no lines.
Param (Numeric) Value = 1 to hide results.
OnNoResult:=Param Will display a warning message to indicate no results have been returned, where HideNoResult (above) is not specified.
Param (String) -
NewFile:=%x Enables you to create a new file.
- % (Numeric) - Enter a column number that specifies the value of the required file name.
- xxxxx - Instead of using a column number to specify the required value, you can enter anything: 


Will create a file called "IDENT_value in column 2" in a folder called "APPLICATION_value in column 1"


  • To clarify, you can enter any values you require, but entering %x will always use the value in column x

  • You can also use this to create files in specific folders, for example:


    will create a new file named with the value of column 2 in a folder named with the value of column 1.

  • This only functions if the query only returns one line:

    Select 'rep','file' will create a file "file in the folder "rep" in the folder in which you are currently working.

  • Please note that CAST is slowly deprecating the NewFile:=xxxx option. If you have any report templates or queries that use this variable, please make sure you modify them to use the alternative NewFile:=% option.

XMLTagName:=Param Name of the RecordSet in XML mode.
Param (String) Optional - if nothing is added, the level title will be used.
FreeLevelText:=Param If this parameter does exist, or is not equal to 0, then everything that is found in the body of the request is added without being executed.
Param (Numeric) 0 or 1

Internal Functions (these functions are used with the Fnc tag, see above)

Function Name Input Parameters List and Type OutPut Parameter Type
GetObjectTypeFromClassAndProp Class as Integer, Prop as Integer Object Type as Integer
GetObjectNameFromObjectType Object Type as Integer Object Name as String
GetObjectNameFromClassAndProp Class as Integer, Prop as Integer Object Name as String
GetLinkLongDescription AccTypLo as Integer, AccTypHi as Integer Link Description as String
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