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Populate the Diagnostic

Please note that this feature is a legacy feature and is maintained only for compatibility with previous CAST versions. CAST now provides the CAST Health and Engineering Dashboards to help enforce rules and standards in an organization. Please contact CAST for more information about this.

This wizard screen enables you to select the diagnostic you require for the report. The diagnostics are designed to test your code for various rules - such as whether coding standards have been correctly applied.

Available Rules

The left hand section displays a list of all the diagnostics that you can select and include in a report. Selecting one will display, in the right hand section, a brief description of what the rule will test for as well as the file name.

You can select as many different diagnostics as you require, but bear in mind that the more you choose, the more complicated the resulting report will be and the longer it may take to process.

Rules and Parameters

A list of initial example Rules are shipped with your CAST CD-ROM to test Java, VB, .NET and Oracle Forms code, but you can add more and create new ones to test other client languages should you require (see below).

Rules are grouped into various sets (such as Coding Standards or Documentation). For each set (or sometimes each Rule), you need to define various parameters.

In the above screen shot, the user has chosen to test his Java Coding Standards and more specifically the Naming Conventions used in his Java classes. In order that these rules are tested successfully against Java code, the user must select a Java job (analysis) that has already been created with CAST Java Analyzer.

To do so, you should double-click Parameters underneath the group heading (in this case Coding Standards), then select the Please select analysis name. A list of available analyses (those already stored in the Knowledge Base) will then appear in the right hand section. Select the analysis you require (you can select more than one).

You may also need to select other parameters for a given set of rules or individual rule.

Creating New Rules

To find out more information about creating new rules to use with the Populate wizard, please consult the information here.

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