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Create Header Wizard

The Create Header Wizard enables you to create headers and tags for your Reports. Headers are used to determine how to display and how to use the Report result attained by the server.

The Tag Wizard can only be launched from the Template Management dialog box by clicking the Create Header button.

The Wizard contains five steps, each enabling you to enter the information required to create a header. In each step you will find the text boxes and drop down list boxes needed to create a header, as well as a brief explanation of what the item does.

Using the Wizard

Navigating through the steps in the wizard is achieved using the Back and Next buttons. At any time, remaining steps can be skipped using the Finish button which will then take you directly to the Report page (where all settings are summarized). In this case certain steps will be skipped.

On all pages, the Cancel button aborts the configuration without carrying out any modifications.

When completed...

Once you reach the final Report page, click Finish if you are satisfied with your choices. When you do so, the Wizard will close and the newly created header will appear in the Query Zone of the Template Management dialog box. From here you can save the header as a Template, or incorporate it into a query.

For more information about the type of headers that can be used within the HTML Report process, please click here.

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