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This documentation is no longer maintained and may contain obsolete information.

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In addition to the information-driven hyperlink browsing, the CAST Engineering Dashboard features a Quick Access page, which provides direct access to various other pages.

Specific Context and Metric section

This section enables you to Assess, Monitor or Compare Versions by selecting a combination of System, Applications and Modules and also Technologies. Then using one of the buttons to the right, you can view the results:

  • Assess > results shown in various views depending on the item selected and whether a Metric/Quality Rule was also selected Assessment - Portfolio Level
  • Monitor/Benchmark> results shown in:
    • Monitor - Benchmark when multiples items are selected (but no Metric/Quality Rule) and the Monitor button in the Specific Context section is clicked.
    • Indicator Monitor - Benchmark when multiple items AND a Metric/Quality Rule are selected AND the Monitor button is clicked in the Metric Selection section.
  • Compare Versions > results shown in the Compare Versions

In addition, you can select optional Metrics to add to your initial selection using the Metric Selection section:

Administrator Pages section

The CAST Engineering Dashboard provides the means to access various Administration pages:

Assessment Model Administration page

The Assessment Model Administration page enables users to view:

  • the aggregate weights, used to compute the aggregated grade of the upper level
  • the thresholds, used to turn the results of a diagnostic-, distribution- or measure-based metric into a grade

Click the sections to expand them, and select the View Aggregate Weight and/or View Aggregate Weight and Thresholds option (as appropriate) to view the values in use. Depending on the Technical Criterion/Quality Rule chosen initially, either the Aggregate Weight section or the Threshold section will be displayed - in addition, some metrics rely on both options and in this case both the Aggregate Weight and Threshold sections will be displayed.

Note that Aggregate Weight and Threshold values can be modified in the CAST Management Studio using the Assessment Model editor.

Viewing Aggregate Weight

Viewing Thresholds

Default Threshold values

At installation, all Quality Rule- and distribution-based metric thresholds are already set. If you create new metrics, their thresholds will be automatically set to the following values:

Quality Rule based Metrics
  • Threshold 1 = 10.0
  • Threshold 2 = 70.0
  • Threshold 3 = 90.0
  • Threshold 4 = 99.0
Distribution based metrics

Weight category 1

  • Threshold 1 = 5.0
  • Threshold 2 = 4.0
  • Threshold 3 = 2.0
  • Threshold 4 = 0.0

Weight category 2

  • Threshold 1 = 30.0
  • Threshold 2 = 25.0
  • Threshold 3 = 15.0
  • Threshold 4 = 10.0

Weight category 3

  • Threshold 1 = 100.0
  • Threshold 2 = 99.0
  • Threshold 3 = 95.0
  • Threshold 4 = 90.0

Weight category 4

  • Threshold 1 = 100.0
  • Threshold 2 = 98.0
  • Threshold 3 = 90.0
  • Threshold 4 = 80.0

Measure based metrics:

  • Threshold 1 = 10.0
  • Threshold 2 = 65.0
  • Threshold 3 = 85.0
  • Threshold 4 = 160.0

These values can be changed at will at any time in the CAST Management Studio using the Assessment Model editor.

Cost Profiles Administration page

The Cost Profiles Administration page enables users to configure:

  • Workload cost, used to turn a workload into a cost, depending on the technology
  • Intervention workload, used to turn an intervention - addition, deletion, update - into a workload, depending on the technology and on the object complexity
  • Create a set of different Cost Profiles

Please note that this is also possible via an SQL editor. In addition, changes here are valid in both the CAST Engineering Dashboard and the Discovery Portal.

Enter the changes and click Save.

Users Administration page

The Users Administration page allows users with Administrator privileges to manage users and roles within the CAST Engineering Dashboard. In addition, access to the Discovery Portal can be managed here. The page is divided into two sub-pages:

  • Users Administration
  • Roles Administration

Report Builder Administration page

Please see Using the Report Builder for more information.

Action Plan Administration page

Please see FRAME_PORTAL_ACTION_PLAN - Action Plan page for more information.

Administration - Site Lists

This page enables a user with Administrative privileges to define configuration settings for access to Local Sites (CAST Analysis Services) for use with the CAST Discovery Portal.

See Site List configuration (optional) in Deploy the CAST web applications for more detailed information about this section.

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