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Document Description

This document describes the following elements:

  • A situation a user is likely to face
  • The objectives of the current document in order to help the user
  • The methodology to reach the objectives
  • Each step of the methodology including troubleshooting information

Who is this document for?

This document is intended for the following persons:

  • CAST Application Intelligence Platform Administrator


For a better understanding of this document, it is recommended to have assimilated the following knowledge:

  • Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) principles

Situation description

The situation taken into consideration in this document is the position of the Platform Administrator in charge of the configuration of the AIP so as to deliver valuable CAST Engineering Dashboard content to end-users.


To help the Platform Administrator, the document will provide detailed process reviews, recommendations, hints, and troubleshouting information regarding the different areas where Platform Administrator's choices impact the delivery of the information to end-users. Namely, they are:

  • Systems, Applications, and Modules organization, a.k.a. Portfolio organization
  • Assessment Model and its adaptation to the context
  • Background facts management
  • Snapshots organization (including dedicated chapter on Snapshot generation so as to conform with designed organization)
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