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This documentation is no longer maintained and may contain obsolete information. You should instead refer to Application onboarding.

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Section summary

This section of the cookbook describes how to measure the Application and works through the four main steps:

  • Configuring aspects required to provide "quality" information on the source code:
    • Architecture Models
    • User Input Security
    • Assessment Model
  • Defining a module strategy - i.e. creating User Defined Modules if necessary
  • Configuring aspects required to provide "Function Point" information on the source code
  • Snapshot generation and validation

The steps listed below are the recommended steps and how to perform them

Expected outputs

At the conclusion of this section, it would be expected that:

  • Any configuration necessary for a "quality" analysis scenario is completed
  • A Module strategy has been defined if necessary
  • Any configuration necessary for a "Function Point" analysis scenario is completed
  • Snapshot is generated and validated through CAST dashboards
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