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This documentation is no longer maintained and may contain obsolete information. You should instead refer to Application onboarding.


Before you can do anything in the CAST Management Studio (review a version delivery, analyze source code, generate snapshots etc.), you must first Manage an Application registered in the CAST AIC Portal. This step allows the CAST AI Admin to assign ownership of a registered Application to a specific CAST Management Service schema.


  • In the Applications view (see picture below):
    • Click the button  (1), or
    • Right click white space and select Manage an Application registered in the AIC Portal
  • The Manage Application wizard will be displayed:

  • Select the Application you want to manage in this instance of the CAST Management Studio (2)
  • Click Finish (3) to complete the process.
  • The Application will be added and displayed in the Applications view and the Application editor will automatically open:

To decouple the association between a given CAST Management Service schema and an Application:

 Click here to expand...

Select the name of the application in the Application view and select Stop Managing Application:


Note that the process of coupling and decoupling an Application from a CAST Management Service schema can be automated using the CAST Management Studio command line interface. Please see the following two options in Automating CAST Management Studio tasks:

  • ManageAICPApplication
  • StopManaging AICPApplication

Setting up a file repository

By default, when accepting a version and setting it as the current version, the source code Deployment Path points to the Deployment folder configured in the CAST Management Studio (Window > Preferences > Platform Settings). You can, however, choose to store the deployed source code in your own standardized file system hierarchy. This is entirely optional and CAST highly recommends that the default paths are used where possible.

To find out more, see Set-up a file repository for your analysis data.

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