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This page is no longer maintained and may be obsolete.

The word Artifacts is used in the context of CAST Maintainability Metrics to indicate the low-level programming elements used to measure application size and complexity. This section lists the complete list of these low-level programming element types per technology. These types are those used to compute the Metric called "Number of Artifacts".

SQL Languages

  • Function
  • Procedure
  • Package function
  • Package procedure
  • Trigger
  • View

C/C++ Language

  • C/C++ Function
  • C/C++ Method
  • C/C++ Constructor
  • C/C++ Destructor
  • C/C++ Macros are not counted as they may flaw the Granularity and Application Size metrics. Indeed macros are usually numerous in C applications and are often a single line of code shortcut.
  • Only C++ objects with a code definition are considered to be artifacts
  • C++ Methods/Function declared in a .h but not implemented in a C++ file are not considered to be artifacts

Visual Basic Language

  • VB Event
  • VB Function
  • VB Property Get
  • VB Property Let
  • VB Property Set
  • VB Sub

Java Language

  • Java Constructor
  • Java Method
  • Java Initializer
The automatically generated Java Methods like '_jspService' are excluded from this set.
The Java Classes that belong to standard libraries and custom libraries (i.e their source code is not available) are excluded from this set.


  • Cobol Program
  • JCL Job
  • JCL Procedure
  • IMS Segment

MS.NET Languages

  • Method
  • Property Set
  • Property Get
  • AddOn
  • RemoveOn
  • Fire
  • Constructor
  • Destructor
  • Event
  • eFunction
  • eSub
  • ePropertyGet
  • ePropertySet
  • ePropertyLet
  • eEvent
  • eFile

Web Languages (JSP/ASP/JS)

  • Method
  • eFunction
  • eSub
  • eMethod
  • ePropertyGet
  • ePropertySet
  • ePropertyLet
  • eEvent
  • Java Method
  • eFile

eFiles are included in the count only when they contain executable source code (file extensions like *.jsp, *.asp, *.js), excluding from the list HTML files and other images, configuration files …


  • ABAP Form
  • ABAP Function
  • ABAP Event Block
  • ABAP Module
  • ABAP Method
  • ABAP Constructor
  • ABAP Event Method
  • ABAP File Level Code of custom programs, user-exits and includes
  • ABAP Event
  • WebDynpro Supply Function
  • WebDynpro Event Handler
  • WebDynpro Method

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