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Once you have completed the creation and configuration of the source code packages in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool, you need to complete the process by delivering these packages (i.e. the Version) to the CAST AIC Portal so that the AI Administrator can retrieve the source code and analyze it with the CAST Management Studio.

To do so:

  • Ensure you are working in the current Version screen.
  • Click the Deliver button in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool as shown below - this will upload all source code packages attached to the parent Version as listed in this screen:

  • You will be asked if the version is complete - choosing Yes sets the current version as closed (i.e. read only and "done") to any further source code package creation/modification by yourself or any other Delivery Managers. We will close the delivery in this example:

  • Click Finish to proceed.
  • The Deliver process will then begin - a progress dialog box will be displayed:

Note that a Deliver is a one way action - in other words it only "uploads" items from a local machine to the CAST AIC Portal. It is distinct from a Refresh which will "download" items from the CAST AIC Portal.
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