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Viewing a link's code

As well as viewing a selected object's code, you can also view the section of code that causes a link to be defined between two objects.

To view this code:

  1. Right click any link (except Escalated Links and Belongs To links) in the Graphical View
  2. Select Code Viewer from the shortcut menu

The code of the calling object that generates the link will then be displayed in the Code Viewer. The cursor will be automatically positioned on the section of code that generates the link and the code itself will be displayed in bold and underlined. 

A bookmark in the margin will also identify the code. The line and column number will be displayed in the bottom right hand corner as shown below together with the total number of bookmarks:


  • If an object forms part of the code that creates the link you are looking at (for example "Authors" in the image above), you can directly view the code of this object by clicking the object's name. The default arrow mouse pointer will also change to a "hand" icon as used in many internet browsers when you hover over an object name whose code can also be viewed in the Code Viewer.
  • You cannot perform a Code Viewer operation on Escalated or Belongs To links.
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