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By default, links are displayed in the Graphical View with straight lines. To display the links in "spline" form:

  1. Select the link or link(s) that you want to turn into spline form. Hold down SHIFT or CTRL and use the left mouse button to select multiple links.
  2. Click Graphic located on the menu bar and select Spline Form from the drop down menu.
  3. Two selection points will now appear on the link - drag either one to create a wave type link:


  • A check mark will appear next to the item in the Graphic menu to indicate that it is the active mode for that link.
  • You can also use the shortcut menu to display spline links, right click the selected link(s) and select Spline Form.
  • To remove the spline form, re-select the link, click Graphic > Spline Form on the menu bar. The link will revert to a straight line and the check mark will be removed from the menu heading. You can also use the shortcut menu to revert to standard links.
You can set a default option to force links to be displayed in the Graphical View in spline form:

Using square links

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