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Using Help

This help system, based on Microsoft HTML Help, makes use of the latest technology to provide you with in-depth and easily accessible information. It provides both general and more detailed descriptions about all the available features of the application.

Key features of CAST's online Help system:

  • The Contents tab shows you the exact location of the current topic. Use the auto-sync feature (Locate button) to identify your position within the Help system.
  • The interactive Index and full-text Search capabilities allow you to quickly reach the information you need.
  • A Favorites tab enables you to store pages that you use regularly and even allows you to rename pages for easy identification.
  • If you find reading from paper more comfortable, you can print the current topic (represented by the  icon) or an entire section (), by using the Print command located on the toolbar.
  • The button hides more detailed information. Click the button or the associated link to reveal the required information.
  • The button can be clicked to hide a topic.
  • Clicking the  button will display all hidden topics in the current page. Click again to hide them.

To start your exploration, please choose a topic to view from the table of contents (Contents tab).

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