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Saving the contents of the Graphical View

Saving a Graphical View means that the objects and components you place in the view together with their positions and any displayed links will all be recorded and stored in the Knowledge Base. You can give your view a name enabling you to open the view during a subsequent session.

To save the contents of the Graphical View:

  1. Click on the toolbar, use the File > Save / Save As menu options, or the CTRL+S shortcut key.
  2. In the displayed Save View dialog box (see below), enter a name for your view and a description if you require (this helps to distinguish it from other views).
  3. You can also choose whether you want to save a snapshot image of your view in the Knowledge Base (Save model picture for Report option) - this can be used when generating Reports, and where you want to store the view - you can create a new folder if required.
  4. Click Save to save the view in the Knowledge Base.
Save View dialog box

The Save View dialog box has several sections:

  • Use the upper most Look In section to select, create, remove or rename (using the icons next to the drop down location) folders in which to store your views. These folders are located in the Knowledge Base.
  • The center left section displays a list of all the Graphical Views saved in the Knowledge Base in the folder you select in the Look In section.
  • In the center right Preview section, you can use the Save model picture for reports option to choose whether or not to save a reduced global image of your Graphical View - this can help you determine if the view is the one you require when opening it at a later date or when Generating Reports.
  • Use the lower section to define a name and a description for the Graphical View.


  • It is possible to save a Graphical View with a name that is already being used by another Graphical View stored in the Knowledge Base.

    To do so, save the Graphical View in a Folder other than the one used to save the Graphical View with the same name.  Make sure you enter a description of your Graphical View to distinguish it from other Graphical Views - this can help when re-opening the Graphical View).

  • A saved Graphical View is known as a model.

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