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Property window

The Property window displays a wide range of information about a selected object, saved Graphical View (model) or Functional Domain in HTML format. For instance, you can find out how many lines of code make up the object (or a specific object in a Graphical View), or what Business Function has been assigned to the object.

To view the Properties of an object:

  1. Select the object in the Graphical View.
  2. Click Graphic > Properties > Properties.
  3. Depending on the specification of your computer, the object's properties will be displayed within a few seconds.

To view the properties of a saved Graphical View (or model):

  1. Right click anywhere in the Graphical View
  2. Click Graphic > Properties > Graphical View Properties.
  3. The properties for the whole model will then be displayed (including a list of all objects present in the model).


  • You can also use the shortcut key F12, or the right click shortcut menu (Properties > Properties/Graphical View Properties) to display the properties on individual objects.
  • You can configure how the object's properties are displayed in the Properties Window by selecting a new style sheet and various other options. Please consult the Property and Code Viewer tab for more information about this.
  • You can force the application to display properties every time you select an object - see the Property and Code Viewer tab for more information.

If you want to hide the Property Window:

  1. Click View > Property
  2. Repeat the process to re-display the window
  3. You can also click the close icon in the top right-hand corner.

By default, the window will be "docked" at the bottom of the screen. However, you can move the window to a different location should you require:

  1. Double-click anywhere in the title bar -  this will "undock" the window and you will then be able to move it as normal.
  2. The window has other "docked" positions which can be used by moving the window until its outline changes shape and then releasing the mouse button, or you can double-click in the title bar to restore the "docked" position.
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