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Profile Manager dialog box

The Profile Manager dialog box displays any Filter Profiles already saved (if any) along with the path location on your hard disk. 

It also offers the various handling option buttons New, Import, Remove or Modify:

Loading a filter profile

When you want to load a profile that you have a created, click the Load button in one of the various dialog boxes that use Profiles (such as the Add Linked Objects dialog box), this will then open the Profile Manager dialog box (see above) which displays a list of all the Profiles stored on your PC.

Select the Profile that you require from the list and then click the OK button. The profile you selected will now appear in whatever function you are using.

Creating a filter profile

To create a new Profile:
  1. Click the New button. This will launch the Profile Builder dialog box. Here you can define the Filter parameters that you require by selecting or clearing the appropriate check boxes.
  2. Enter a name for your Profile in the Name field at the top of the dialog box.
  3. Press the Browse button to select the location where your Profile will be saved. By default, a folder will be selected in which other CAST .CPF files are stored among the main CAST files. If you want to save it elsewhere, select the location here.
  4. Once you are satisfied with the parameters you have selected, click the Save button - your profile will then appear in the Profile Manager dialog box. If you want to stop the creation process, click the Close button.

 Display in Menu - Profile Builder dialog box

Select this option if you want your newly created profile to be displayed in the Profile Manager dialog box. If you leave this option blank, the Profile will be saved on your PC, but will NOT appear in the Profile Manager dialog box.

Importing a filter profile

If you want to import a Profile (if for example you have Profiles stored on your hard disk but they do not appear in the Profile Manager dialog box - after removing them) click the Import button.

This will then launch a Windows browser dialog box enabling you to define the location of the Profiles. Select the Profile you want to import and then click Open. The Profile Builder dialog box will be opened in which you can make any alterations (if necessary) to the filter parameters. 

Finally, click the Save button. Your profile will now appear in the Profile Manager dialog box and you can load it as normal.

Removing a filter profile

To remove a profile from the Profile Manager dialog box list, first select the Profile you wish to remove by highlighting it with the left mouse button. Then click Remove

This will remove the Profile from the dialog box, but NOT from your PC. If you want to restore the Profile, use the Import button (see above).

Modifying a filter profile

The Modify button in the Profile Manager dialog box enables you to change the Filter parameters of any of your saved filter profiles. 

Select the Profile you want to modify with the left mouse button and then click the Modify button. The Profile Builder dialog box will then be launched - make any modifications and then click the Save button.

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