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Printing a Graphical View

Select a print option:

Standard Print

  1. Click on the tool bar, use the File > Print menu option, or the CTRL+P shortcut key.
  2. All these options will then launch the Print dialog box, which is standard in Windows, offering you a variety of options.
  3. Select your required parameters and then click OK.
  4. Click Cancel to abort the print operation.

Global Print

The Global Print option offers you the ability to print large Graphical Views on a limited number of pages.
  1. Use the File > Global Print menu option, or the CTRL+SHIFT+P shortcut key.
  2. All these options will then launch the Global Print dialog box:
  3. Select the print mode that you require by clicking the appropriate option, then click OK to continue.
  4. As with the Standard Print option, the standard Windows Print dialog box will then be launched.
  5. Click Cancel to abort the print operation.

Print Preview

To access the Standard or Global Print Preview:
  1. Click File located on the menu bar and then select either the Print Preview or Global Preview... options. 

When you click the Global Preview option, the Global Print dialog box (see above) will be launched. Both options will then launch the Preview screen, in which you can handle the preview in various ways.

If you are satisfied, you can the press the Print button, located at the top of the window, bypassing the normal Print operation. If you are not happy, press the Close button, which will take you back to the main window.

Viewing the Print Page in the Graphical View

CAST offers you a practical way of organizing your objects and components so that they are printed in the most "economical" way (i.e.: on one page rather than straddling two pages). You don't even need to use the Print Preview option.
  1. Use the Tools > Options menu option to launch the General Configuration dialog box
  2. Click the Grid/Page tab.
  3. Select the Show Pages option.

A blue grid will now appear in your Graphical View. Each rectangle within this grid represents one page of A4 print-out, thus you can adjust the objects and components in your Graphical View in a way that uses the least amount of print out paper.

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