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Library window

The Library window helps you manage your Libraries (creating new Libraries and working with existing Libraries).

See Libraries for more information about Libraries.


  • By default, the window will be displayed when you launch the application. To hide it click View > Library.
  • The window has other "docked" positions which can be used by moving the window until its outline changes shape and then releasing the mouse button, or you can double-click in the title bar to restore the "docked" position.
  • Double-click anywhere in the title bar -  this will "undock" the window and you will then be able to move it as normal.
  • You can find out more detailed information about creating libraries and associating objects to them in the Notions section.
  • Libraries can be dragged and dropped into the Graphical View.
  • The and buttons in the window allow you to create and drop libraries respectively.
  • The and buttons in the window activate and deactivate all Libraries present in the window.
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