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Launching the Add Linked Objects function

To access the standard Add Linked Objects function:

  1. In the Graphical View, select an object whose dependent links you would like to view.
  2. You can also use the Add Linked Objects feature on multiple objects: Hold down the SHIFT or CTRL key, and the select the objects you require with the mouse button.

You then have several ways of adding the linked objects to the view:

  1. Select the Add Linked Objects... option from either the shortcut menu or from the Explore menu
  2. Or use the toolbar button
  3. Or use the CTRL+L shortcut key

The Add Linked Objects dialog box will then be launched.

Two other related Add Linked Objects functions are also available:

  • User Add Linked Object

    This option is available in the right click shortcut menu only when you have already created a Profile. It will pre-load the Add Linked Object dialog box with your selected filter Profile (a choice of Profiles will be displayed when you select this option). The Add Linked Objects dialog box will then also be launched.

  • Preview Linked Object

    This option provides a rapid and simple snapshot of an object's dependent objects. All linked objects are identified and added to the Impact window - Linked Objects tab - (including the initial selected object) using a default or pre-defined filter.

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