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Graphical View

The Graphical View is a window within this CAST application used to display objects, components and links that from part of a source code analysis. These objects and components are stored in the Knowledge Base and visually represented in the Technical Browser from which you can choose the objects you want to display.

When you first open the application and establish a connection to the server that is hosting your Knowledge Base, you can choose to open a Blank View in the Assistant. You will subsequently be prompted to select the jobs you want to display in the Technical Browser (this is to narrow your selection scope and avoid adding unnecessary projects/jobs). When you have chosen the projects/jobs you want to display in the Technical Browser, the Graphical View will be opened and is ready to accept objects and components for display.


  • The application has been designed so that the Graphical View is associated to the Technical Browser and its contents. As a result, closing the Graphical View will mean that the jobs/projects are no longer displayed in the Technical Browser.
  • See Opening New Views and Sub Views for more details about how Graphical Views work.

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