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To expand links between objects in the Graphical View:

  1. Right click the escalated link you want to expand to launch the shortcut menu.
  2. Select Expand Link (you can also select this option from the Explore menu).
  3. In the displayed Expand Link dialog box (see below), child objects not currently displayed in the Graphical View will be listed.
  4. Select the child objects you want to add to the Graphical View.
  5. Click OK to confirm the action. The objects will be added to the Graphical View. The escalated link will be removed and replaced with other link types.

The Expand Link dialog box displays the objects which form the escalated link you selected to be expanded. In this example there are three objects forming the escalated link, but there could be more (or less) in other cases.

Target This section enables you to select the destination of the objects that you want to add to the view. If you want to add the objects to a specific target Layer, you can select the Layer you want from the drop down combo-box. You can also create a new Layer by selecting the <New> option. 

Please see Layers for more details about how to use Layers.

Show Full Name for Server Objects Select this option if you want to see the Server objects' full names, i.e.: including the databases/schemas in which they are stored.
Show Full Name for Client Objects Select this option if you want to see the Client objects' full names.


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