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Existing Connections dialog box

This dialog box displays all the server connections that are open and any views/models that are open using that connection. It also enables you to use an existing connection or to open a new connection.

To access it:

  1. Select the Connection option from the File menu located on the menu bar

New Clicking New will launch the Open Profile Connection dialog box. Use this to select the Connection Profile in which the server you want to establish a concurrent connection with is defined.
Delete Delete enables you to close a connection to a server that you no longer require. Select the server from the list and click Del.
Use Enables you to use another connection (if more than one is available). Select a connection in the dialog box before clicking the Use button.
Close This button closes the dialog box.


  • If you have concurrent connections open, when you carry out other tasks that require a server connection the Existing connections dialog box will be launched to enable you to choose which server connection you want to use.
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