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Domain window

The Domain window helps you manage your Functional Domains.

Functional Domains are entities stored in the Knowledge Base that enable you to group together objects of a similar functional use in one "domain". For example, you may have several Java projects stored in the Knowledge Base. If, for example, you create a Functional Domain called "Java Classes" and associate all the Java classes from all the projects in the Knowledge Base you will then be able to see, at a glance, ALL the Java classes under the "Java Classes" domain.

This is just one example of how to use Functional Domains - however, their use is wide and varied. For more information about Functional Domains, see the Notions section.



  • By default, the window will be displayed when you launch the application. To hide it click View > Domain.
  • The window has other "docked" positions which can be used by moving the window until its outline changes shape and then releasing the mouse button, or you can double-click in the title bar to restore the "docked" position.
  • Double-click anywhere in the title bar -  this will "undock" the window and you will then be able to move it as normal.
  • A check mark next to a Functional Domain indicates that the domain is active (a special color (by default this is red) will be used to signify that an object is associated to a domain. Clearing the check box will cause any objects associated to the domain to revert to the default standard color - the domain is no longer active.
  • The and buttons in the window allow you to create and drop domains respectively.
  • The and buttons in the window activate and deactivate all domains present in the window.
  • The button enables you to change the color that is used to display the name of an object (that is associated with the selected domain).

Shortcut menu

Icon Shortcut Key Name Description
  Create Domain Use this option to create a new domain.
  Drop Domain Use this option to drop (remove) the selected domain.
    Rename Domain Use this option to rename the selected domain.
    Business/Comment/Label Launches the Comment dialog box enabling you to set a Business Function/Comment or Label on the Domain.
  CTRL+M Search in code Use this option to search for any character string or regular expression located in the selected object. See Search in Code for more information.
  Change Color Select a domain and use this option to change the color that is used to display the name of an object (that is associated with the selected domain) in the Technical Browser, Domain Browser, and the Graphical View.
F12 Properties This option will display an HTML based report about the selected domain in the Property window.
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