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Deleting objects and links from the Graphical View

To delete items from the Graphical View:


  1. In the Graphical View, select the item you want to delete.
  2. If you want to delete more than one item, use the SHIFT and/or CTRL keys in conjunction with the mouse to select the items you require.
  3. Use the DELETE key on your keyboard to delete the items.
  4. Alternatively, you can use the Edit > Delete Graphic option.


  1. If you have just placed an object in the Graphical View, you can delete it with the Undo option.
  2. Use either Edit > Undo, the button on the toolbar, or the CTRL+Z shortcut key.


  • Deleting an object from the Graphical View will cause all corresponding links to also be automatically deleted.
  • Deleting objects and links from the Graphical View should not be confused with dropping objects and links, which entails physically removing the objects/links from the Knowledge Base. Deleting objects/links only refers to removing them from the Graphical View - they can still be placed in the Graphical View at a later date. Dropped objects/links will not be displayed in the Graphical View as they no longer physically exist. To find out more detailed information about dropping objects/links, see Dropping objects and Dropping Links.

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