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Changing a domain color

By default, objects associated to active domains (Functional Domains that have been selected in the Domain window) will be displayed in a specific color to help distinguish them in the Technical Browser and the Graphical View.

By default, all domains use red to distinguish themselves. However if you have several Functional Domains, this can be confusing. To counter this, you can change the default color used for each domain:

  1. Create the Functional Domain.
  2. Right click the newly created domain in the Domain window.
  3. Select Change Color - the Color dialog box (see below) will then launch (you can also use the icon in the Domain window.
  4. Select the color you want to use to represent your domain and click OK.
  5. The Technical Browser and the Graphical View (if an object associated to the domain in question is displayed there) will then be updated to reflect the change in color:
The only object not associated to a Functional Domain in this example is "GroupBy.cpp". All other objects have been associated to a specific domain and a specific color has been used to represent them in the Graphical View.

Colors will only be used in the  the Technical Browser and the Graphical View when the Functional Domain is active (i.e.: it has been selected in the Domain window.

Color dialog box

The Color dialog box enables you to select a specific color for your Functional Domain. 

If you want to use a "custom color" (one that isn't displayed in the Basic colors section), choose it and then add it to the Custom color section by using the Add to Custom Colors button. Each time you open the Color dialog box, your custom color will be available for use.

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