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Adding a decorative User File

CAST defines a decorative user file as any type of file located on your hard drive or on a network drive. Whether it be a Word document that provides an overview of the project lifecycle or other important information that pertains to the view you have created, you can use this option to add this type of file to the Graphical View:

  1. Click the button located on the toolbar (you are now working in User File mode).
  2. Left click in the Graphical View where you want to place the file.
  3. A standard Windows Open File dialog box will then be launched enabling you to search for the file you require.
  4. Click Open when you have found the file - it will then be placed in the Graphical View.


  • This feature enables you to add any files to the Graphical View that may contain technical information about the project. You can then double click the file to launch it - its path will be memorized.
  • Files added to the Graphical View in this way are not stored in the Knowledge Base like standard client/server objects and will not appear in the Technical Browser. Instead, when you save the view that contains the file, the application will memorize the file's location path.
  • You can create a User Link between decorative User Files and other objects or decorative User Files, but you must save the Graphical View before you can do so.
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