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Adding a User Rectangle

CAST defines a user rectangle as a free-floating rectangle in the Graphical View that can be used to decorate or highlight certain objects:

Adding user rectangles

  1. Click the button located on the toolbar, you are now working in User Rectangle mode.
  2. Left click in the Graphical View where you want to place the rectangle.
  3. Hold the left mouse button down and drag the mouse to create the rectangle.
  4. Once the rectangle has been created, the application will revert back to standard selection mode.

Moving or resizing user rectangles

  1. Left click the rectangle you want to move - the outline "handles" will appear.
  2. Hold the mouse button down and drag the rectangle to its new position.
  3. To resize the rectangle, left click a "handle" and drag it to the required size.

Removing user rectangles

  1. Left click the rectangle you want to remove and then press the DEL key on the keyboard.


  • Using this feature together with the User Object option allows you to precisely label and document your Graphical Views.
  • All rectangles are free floating and can be selected and moved as a whole or resized as you require. Like User Objects, these items are not stored in the Knowledge Base and will not appear in the Technical Browser.
  • User Rectangles will, however, be retained if you save the Graphical View to which they belong.
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