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Adding a User Object

CAST defines user objects as free text that you can place in the Graphical View to annotate objects or provide supplementary information.

  1. Click the button located on the toolbar (you are now working in User Object mode).
  2. Left click in the Graphical View where you want to place the text.
  3. The User Object dialog box will then be automatically launched - enter the text you require.
  4. Click OK to confirm the text and close the dialog box. The free text will then appear in the Graphical View.


  • Free text is not handled by the application in the same way that an object stored in the Knowledge Base is: free text is "attached" to the Graphical View in which it is placed. When the view is saved, the free text will be retained with the view.
  • Because a piece of free text is not handled as an object, these "user objects" will not be displayed in the Technical Browser.
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