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Adding Business Functions, Comments and Labels

You can set Business Functions, Comments and Labels on objects (it is not possible to add comments to all object types) displayed in the Graphical View - this text is then saved to the Knowledge Base.

  1. Select the object in the Graphical View.
  2. Select Object > Business/Comment/Label on the menu bar.
  3. The Comment dialog box will then be launched:
  4. Select the tab you require (Business Function, Comment or Label) and then enter the information for the selected object.
  5. Click OK when you have finished adding information - clicking OK will save the information in the Knowledge Base. Next time you open the object, the items you added will be visible.


  • During a subsequent session, any text comments that you have added to an object can be viewed using the Object > Business/Comment/Label option.
  • An asterisk next to the dialog box title (Comments*) indicates that the information is unsaved.
  • Use the Find option to launch the standard Windows Find dialog box enabling you to search for character strings in any of the three tabs.

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