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CAST provides an About dialog box that displays technical information about:

  • the application module name, together with its current version and build number
  • the addresses and contact details of the main CAST Offices
  • the connectivity layer in use
  • the machine identification number
  • the host name

Report button

Clicking the Report button will display a further dialog box providing much more detailed technical information (known as the CAST Diagnostic Report). This can be particularly useful if you need to troubleshoot or debug with CAST.

  • Connectivity Layer Information > This will launch the Info dialog box
  • Save file... > Allows you to save the contents of the CAST Diagnostic Report in HTML format

If you do not want this connection report to be displayed in an HTML format, please add this script to your GloballySharedSettings.ini file (this files is located at the root of the CAST installation folder).

[Report]Report in Dialog Format = 1


  • Please note that in CAST Server Manager only, this report can also be displayed using the Database/Schema Installation > Troubleshooting > Diagnostic Report option

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