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This documentation is no longer maintained and may contain obsolete information.

Number of objects returned by the CallGraph

For performance and legibility reasons, the CallGraph returns 1000 objects per level at the most.

Browsing using the Portfolio Mode

When browsing the Discovery Portal in the Portfolio mode (i.e., using the Portfolio Tree organization), object browser can show inconsistencies on the composition of modules.

Browsing the Discovery Portal in the Portfolio mode uses the information contained in snapshots. When an analysis has been run but no snapshot has followed, the snapshot information is outdated and shows inconsistent information.

Code Viewer

When looking at COBOL objects in the code viewer, there is a shift in the position for the start and the end of the object within the program. This occurs for COBOL paragraphs, sections, or divisions in a program that uses multi-line statements to include copybooks. To view the object, look at the rest of the source code displayed slightly after and before the highlighted source code.

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